Laser Face Lift Cream

Good for all skin types

This product was created with one thing in mind to decrease inflammation and bring moisture back into the skin. Water is lost from our skin due to the caffeine beverages and the environment we live in. Also in general most people do not take in good filtered water. This keeps our skin in a dehydrated state. This dehydrated state is not good for our skin. Laser face lift cream will balance your skin to a state of recovery and lock in moisture without clogging your pores. See how carefully selected ingredients as you read on. The references are benefit, to understand this great cream. It’s needs to be stated that these claims, although are put in journals, have not been approved by the FDA.

What makes this cream unique?

PCA-Zinc: offer benefits to the skin because it is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs large quantities of water. Zinc helps control sebum secretion and it helps decrease the inflammation in the pore by reducing the effect of androgens.

Copper GHK: one study reported that the addition of GHK complex to human fibroblasts induced stimulation of collagen synthesis. Copper is also a antibacterial.

Natural Active peptides: peptides derived from marine collagen, they help with moisturizing and supply your skin with amino acids that will be used in collagen synthesis.

Niacinamide: has been shown to benefit skin color decrease melanin synthesis, increase collagen synthesis. Topical application also decreases UV- induced skin cancers and prevented immunosuppression by UV irradiation. The most important effect is it decreases inflammation through inhibition of histamine released by mast cells, neutrophil chemotaxis and release of inflammatory mediators.

This is a anti-inflammatory cream therefore it is anti-ageing. If your skin is oily it will normalise your skin. If your skin has slight redness to it will take the redness out with 15 mins.. If your skin is dry it will moisturize your skin because of the humectant element in the cream. It is best to put the cream on in the morning after you wash. You face will feel moist but not grease. It will hold the moisture in you skin all day long. You can apply your makeup over the top with no problems.

Below are some references

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Reference: for Natural Active peptides; they are also likely to work as “Matriks” making your skin cells synthesize new collagen.

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