Laser Facial Q Switch Laser

The use of the MedLite Laser in Laser Toning.

Indication for use

One of the best laser on the market today for non-ablative laser toning is the Medlight 4 laser. With one joul of power, it can really change your skin by lighting, tightening, and brightening the skin tone. It improves the quality and texture of the skin through the subtle heating of the deep dermal layers, which stimulates collagen regeneration. The result gradual, natural improvements through a series of treatments which shrinks pore size, improves fine lines and wrinkles and acne scars.

Laser Toning or a Laser Facial

It has many advantages over ablative procedures, including no downtime, quick treatment times, minimal patient discomfort, quick treatment times, and the ability to treat all skin types. In fact, this laser is truly great for treating darker skin types they have amazing results, this is because of the higher absorption of the energy delivered to the tissue. It is truly amazing to see the skin brighten and break apart the darker areas of skin and allow it to become the same color as the other skin. This treatment can be done with other treatments and work well together.

The Procedure

The patient is asked to wash their face to prepare for the treatment. Goggles are placed over their eyes. We use 1064 Q-switch laser we then calibrate the laser to match what would be most effective to treat your skin. We use the laser and cover your entire face until there is slight erythema making sure to hit all of the vellus hair. This laser is very effective with vellus hair with repeated treatments and can be permanent.

The laser penetrates through the epidermis and the dermal layer and causes tiny thermal injury to the dermal layer which causes the dermis to thicken and tighten. Some women want more aggressive treatment and get little petechiae (pinpoint bleeding) around the crow’s feet area, it is very effective in this area with repeat treatment. Once in a while some darker skin colors can get some hives to the local area but will go away in 20 minutes.

After the treatment

We put some of our healing copper lotion on your face which cools and moisturizes the face. Your face may have some slight redness but will go away in 20 mins to an hour. If you get some petechiae it will go away in one to three days. The patient should stay out of the sun and wear sunblock. It is advised to not put anything that is harsh or exfoliating on the face for the first 48 hours after treatment.


The Medlight facial toning offers the safest and most effective treatment for a nonablative laser. The patient will find with repeated treatment that they will have diminished fine lines and wrinkles. Their skin will be brighter and have a more even tone and smoothness to their skin. With no downtime and effective results, it is the best laser on the market for this treatment.

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