Financing Options

Embark on your cosmetic journey with ease and confidence, as our office proudly offers two comprehensive financing options – CareCredit and Cherry. Both provide valuable solutions to manage the cost of your treatments, ensuring you can achieve your aesthetic goals without the immediate financial burden, while also keeping in mind the extra costs associated with using these services.

CareCredit: Your Gateway to Health and Beauty

CareCredit is a versatile healthcare credit card that opens doors to a wide array of treatments, including cosmetic procedures. Key features include:

  • Diverse Plans: Offers a range of financing options from short-term (6-12 months) to extended plans (up to 5 years), tailored to your financial situation.
  • Deferred Interest: Benefit from deferred interest on short-term plans, avoiding interest if the amount is paid within the promotional period. Remember, additional fees apply when using this service.
  • Broad Acceptance: A trusted name in healthcare financing, CareCredit is recognized and accepted widely.

With Cherry: Simplifying Cosmetic Financing

Cherry is specifically designed for cosmetic procedures, providing a streamlined financing solution that’s both patient-friendly and transparent:

  • Tailored for Cosmetics: Cherry focuses exclusively on financing for cosmetic treatments, ensuring a specialized approach.
  • Efficient Processing: The application process is swift and hassle-free, often offering immediate decisions so you can proceed with your treatment promptly.
  • Clear Terms: Cherry is known for its clear communication about payment terms and fees, ensuring you understand the financial commitment. It’s important to note the extra costs involved in using their service.

Comparing Your Choices While both CareCredit and Cherry facilitate the management of cosmetic procedure costs, they cater to different preferences and needs:

  • Variety of Plans: CareCredit offers a wider array of financing terms, including longer options, while Cherry provides specific, flexible payment plans for the cosmetic industry.
  • Specialization: Cherry is purpose-built for cosmetic procedures, offering tailored solutions, whereas CareCredit covers a broader range of healthcare services.
  • Recognition and Trust: CareCredit’s long-standing reputation offers a sense of familiarity and trust, while Cherry brings a fresh, specialized approach to cosmetic financing. Both, however, include additional fees for their services, ensuring flexibility comes with transparency.

Credit Score and Approval

Both CareCredit and Cherry will assess your credit score during the application process. While a higher credit score may enhance your chances of approval and favorable terms, both providers accommodate a spectrum of credit backgrounds, offering various options to suit your financial situation.

With these flexible financing options, your journey towards aesthetic enhancement is within reach. Whether you opt for CareCredit’s broad healthcare-focused approach or Cherry’s specialized cosmetic financing, remember to consider the additional costs of these services. Our team is committed to guiding you through each step, ensuring a smooth and informed path to achieving your cosmetic goals.