Brazilian Butt Lift

Today many women want the shape and look of the Jennifer Lopez or the Kim Kardashian butt. It is not looked at as an overweight individual but more as a person with attractive curves, because a small waist and a fuller butt gives projection and roundness to your hips it is a very attractive look. The primary procedure for women in the past has been, breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tuck. People are still getting the tummy tuck and a very popular option for women who want to improve their looks. Kim Kardashian and her famous poses “break the internet“ where she has shown to women, that having a larger butt is attractive and highly desired by many women and of course noticed by many men. The butt lift is what makes the biggest change in a woman’s appearance. That’s because it takes into consideration all the basic procedures and combines them into one. Which gives the patient a small waistline, removal of the bra roles and gives you an S curve in the lower part of the back, which not only makes your pants fit better, you feel better.

Dr. Sean Yuan has created incredibly shaped buttocks for a long time now and has perfected the process. He has become an expert in fat transfer to the butt. Go ahead check the gallery section of the fat transfer to the butt in the before and after section. The individuals that have an incredible projection, roundness and more importantly smoothness that can’t be matched. He has mastered this technique creating shapely silhouette. Compare his pictures with other doctors in the area you will find his work to be outstanding.

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift

It is a surgical procedure which gives the butt more projection and roundness. It can be done with different methods. One method is using silicone butt implants which are not permanent. Dr. Shahine does not do this surgery. The other method is a fat transfer which is the best method for shaping the butt and is permanent and real. Dr. Shahine has become an expert in the area he offers a unique combination of technical skill with artistry to help you achieve the results and the body you’ve always wanted.

Is a Brazilian Butt Lift safe:

Like any surgical procedure there is always a chance of post-op infection. Dr. Shahine take precautions by giving his patients antibiotics before the procedure. There is a very low chance of infections by Dr. Yuan because he uses the tumescent technique in which the solution itself is antimicrobial. Therefore this procedure has a low to no infection ratio. When implanting your own fat there is no rejection to the fat transfer process. Some fat that is transferred has a chance it will not survive but the body will just reabsorb the fat. Dr Sean Yuan is a world-class cosmetic surgeon.

Who is a good candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift

There are certain conditions that need to be met in order to have a Brazilian Butt Lift. Often patients think that anyone can undergo this procedure and get a Brazilian Buttl Lift, but because it involves adding volume to your buttocks it is first necessary to remove that fat from somewhere else.

In order to have a successful Brazilian Butt Lift you will first need excess fat on other parts of your body. The surgeon will remove the excess fat from another part of your body and use that fat to volumize your buttocks. The alternative if you do not have enough body fat is to gain weight if this the case Dr. Shahine will discuss this in detail with you before you undergo the procedure.

Another important factor that is crucial for the procedure is that you must be in good overall health. This will ensure that you have a smooth recovery after the procedure. Your actual weight must be stable and not in a state of flux as this can impair the effects of the procedure. Gaining or losing weight will have an effect on the procedure. Dr. Shahine will discuss these factors with you and assess your medical suitability for the procedure.

Lastly the ideal candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift is a non-smoker. This is a very important factor as being a smoker can slow down and impair the body’s ability to heal once the procedure has been performed. If you are a smoker Dr. Yuan will assess your willingness to cease smoking temporarily both before and after the procedure. This will, in turn, allow your body to heal at a normal pace and give your body the best chance of having a successful Brazilian Butt Lift with no complications.

All of these concerns mentioned above will be discussed with you and Dr. Shahine at your initial meeting. One of Dr. Yuan’s main goals is to perform a successful Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. Another concern is that your expectations are in line with what is possible for both your body, your state of mind and what you may hope to gain in terms of newly found esteem and self-confidence.

What Surgical Methods are used for Lifting the Butt?

Lifting the butt are usually referred as adding volume to the butt.

Butt lift with implants. Butt lift with fat transfer.

To increase the volume with fat, the fat needs to be removed from another part of the body. The fat is then filtered and then implanted in the butt. This is referred to as the Brazilian Butt Lift. This makes the butt firmer and round.

Once the fat is strategically placed in the butt, in the pre-planned areas you will achieve the most aesthetic look that will increase size and make the butt more round and firm.

Another important factor is that not all of the fat will survive some of the fat will die and be reabsorbed by the body. It is still the best procedure for Brazilian butt lift because of it is more moldable and corrects the defects better on the butt.

Only an experienced doctor in the area would know if they could get enough fat from the person to make a difference in the size and shape of the butt. Dr. Yuan will be able to tell by looking at the person if they have enough of that fat. If a person doesn’t have enough fat on their body to transfer to there butt, gaining weight or an implant would be a better solution. All this will be discussed during the consultation.

Are the effects of a butt lift permanent?

The fat that is transferred to the butt, will be there for life and can grow. The fat that was removed from the other areas conversely are smaller in size and reduces the chance of growing in that area. An example would be the waist area that will not grow the same as the butt because there are less fat cells. Additional information for those individuals who choose butt implants is they will need to be replaced every 8 to 12 years.

What is a consultation for a Butt Lift?

We discuss the areas that are your greatest concern arms, stomach upper and lower. Additionally, we pay attention to the sides, back flanks, bra rolls, and most important lower back. Once we gather all of the areas that you are concerned about then we can take an estimate of the best possible outcome to match your goals.

Butt Lift surgery

We are located in for the Pottstown office near Philadelphia. There is a free parking lot at this location. Preparing for the procedure you will be given a packet of information and you can go over any last minute questions that you may have with Dr. Yuan.

During your Brazilian surgery, Dr. Yuan will perform tumescent liposuction which is a safer modified method as compared to traditional liposuction. The patient is fully awake and responsive during the entire procedure as the areas are anesthetized. The patient will move in certain positions and contract certain muscles to isolate fat areas that need to be removed. The patient may feel tugging but that is the extent of discomfort. The entire procedure depends on how much fat is transferred on any part of the body. It usually takes anywhere from 2 to several hours.

Recovery From Butt Lift

Once the fat cells are transferred to the butt, it needs to be stable and not be smashed or be moved about in a rapid fashion such as jogging. One of the important things the patient must do is not sit directly on the butt. The reason is because the fat cell is establishing new blood supply and exchange of oxygen and nutrients. So the patient should place a rolled up towel under their legs when sitting. This is important for the first 4 weeks post-op care and but most important for the first two weeks. The patient should sleep on their belly to remove any pressure on their butt. This will ensure the survival of the fat and a great result for the patient. Also, the patient should also eat healthily and take in a normal amount of calories in order for fat survival. You should not starve the fat cells. The only exercise you can do is a gentle walk which is good for the circulation.

Post liposuction we recommend that for the next 2 days a person eats fat rich food. Fat-rich food post liposuction especially if it was performed under local tumescent anesthesia helps the body dissipate and eliminate the anesthetic medications that cause nausea and vomiting and feeling of malaise and illness after the procedure. Also, every patient must wear the foam sheet under the post-surgical compression garments and keep both on for at least 5 days continuously, 24×7. This will exert positive pressure on the skin which helps it to contract and to stick to the under layers and thus prevent the accumulation of inflammatory body fluids under the skin and prevent swelling, edema, protracted healing and swelling.

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