Price for Treatments

Please note that all prices provided are solely for guideline purposes and are subject to change without prior notice. The price can be higher or lower. The final cost of any procedure may vary significantly based on several critical factors, including but not limited to the location of the procedure, the type of anesthesia chosen, promotions, and your specific physical condition. Other variables may also influence the final pricing.

For a more accurate and detailed quote reflecting the total cost of any procedure, we strongly encourage you to contact us directly.

Treatment Prices 

Treatment   Price
Brow lift   $3,500.00
Brachial plasty   $5,000.00
Breast implant removal   $3,000.00
Eyelid lower   $3,500.00
Eyelid upper   $3,500.00
Eyelid upper and lower   $5,500.00
Eyelid with inner fold plasty   $4,500.00
Filler for new patients   $389.00
Filler Juvederm   $650.00
Filler lidocaine anesthesia   $25.00
Lip Filp   $150.00
Filler Radiesse   $600.00
Filler Under Eye   $550.00
Filler Voluma   $600.00
Filler Versa   $550.00
Gynecomastia procedure   $5,200.00
Lipo 360   $6,500.00
Lipo 360 with BBL   $7,000.00+
Lipo abdomen   $4,000.00
Lipo abdomen, love handle   $5,000.00
Lipo chest   $3,000.00
Iipo chin   $2,500.00
lipo chin, neck with tighten   $3,500.00
lipo high BMI above 35-40   higher charge than normal
lipo inner thigh   $3,500.00
lipo inner thigh with knee   $4,500.00
lipo outer thigh   $3,000.00
lipolysis chin   $600.00
Neuromodulator 1   $12.00
Neuromodulator 2   $9.00
PDO brow lift   $750.00
Face neck lift   $6,500.00
Facelift mini   $4,500.00
PDO thread augmentation nose   $1,200.00
PDO thread lift face barb   $2,400.00
PDO thread lift face barb and smooth   $3,000.00
PDO thread lift neck barb and smooth   $900.00
Potenza anesthesia   $25.00
Potenza chin and neck   $500.00
Potenza full face   $900.00
Potenza full face, neck   $1,000.00
Potenza lower face   $700.00
Tummy tuck full   $7,000.00
Tummy tuck full with limited lipo   $8,500.00
Tummy tuck full with lipo 360   $9,500.00
Tummy tuck full with lipo 36o and bbl   $10,500.00
Tummy tuck mini   $4,000.00

* For other procedures price, contact us

**Please call us to check the current prices for procedures.

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