Price for Treatments

Treatment Prices 1

Breast augmentation saline$5,000.00
Breast augmentation silicone$7,000.00
Breast implant removal$3,000.00
Brow lift$3,500.00
Eyelid lower$3,000.00
Eyelid upper$3,000.00
Eyelid upper and lower$5,000.00
Eyelid with medial canthoplasty$4,500.00
Gynecomastia procedure$5,200.00
Liposuction 360$7,000.00
Liposuction 360 with BBL$7,500.002
Liposuction abdomen$4,000.00
Liposuction abdomen, love handle$5,000.00
Liposuction arms$3,000.00
Liposuction chest and gynecomastia$5,000.002
Liposuction chin, neck$3,000.00
Liposuction chin, neck with tighten$4,000.00
Liposuction for patients with high or low BMI3
Liposuction inner thigh$4,000.00
Liposuction inner thigh with knee$4,500.00
Liposuction outer thigh$3,000.00
Tummy tuck full$7,500.002
Tummy tuck full with some liposuction$8,500.00
Tummy tuck full with lipo 360$9,500.002
Tummy tuck full with lipo 36o and bbl$10,500.002
Tummy tuck mini$4,000.00
2nd surgery4
All prices are subject to change
1. Local or tumescent with oral sedation only price
2. Anesthesiologist fee and facility fee will be added if needed
3. Price will be higher or lower than average
4. Special rate for 2nd surgery
5. Summer discount as posted