Get Rid of Cankles With Liposuction Surgery!


When it comes to losing weight, your best bet will always be to eat less and move more. But unluckily, some parts of the body are difficult to contour and shape even after proper dieting and exercise. These body parts include a double chin, moobs, arms, or cankles.  

We have all heard about dreaded cankles. Right? The shape and size of the ankles and calves vary from person to person. Genetics play a big role in the dimensions of your lower legs, but fluid balance, muscle, and fat mass also affect how ankles look about your calves. 

For many people, their ankles end up looking a bit bigger than they should be. And after so many efforts, like dieting, running, or weightlifting, people cannot give them the right shape. 

When exercise and diet are not sufficient to reduce cankles, it is the right time to consider lipo for cankles. If you have decided to go for cankles liposuction, read on when surgery for ankles is appropriate and what you can expect from the procedure.  

What are cankles?

Cankle is not a medical term, and it is slang used to define the lower part of the leg when the calf and ankle appear to be one constant body part. It might occur when people do not have well-defined calf muscles or have lots of fat tissues or fluids surrounding their lower legs.

Weight loss and training can sometimes be unable to tone and change the shape of the calves and ankles. This is where lipo for cankle takes place. 

Causes for cankles:

There are myriad reasons for excess fat storage in the ankles. 

For example, 

  • During pregnancy: Foot and ankle swelling is common, especially in the third trimester. 
  • Health disorders: Several health conditions like diseases of the liver and kidneys can also cause swollen ankles and feet. 
  • Hormonal Disbalance: Lipesema causes fat to be stored under the skin on your legs. It is a very painful condition affecting up to 12 percent of women. 
  • Excessive fluid: In some cases, a buildup of lymphatic fluid in the lower leg can also make the ankles look bigger. 
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How does cankle surgery work?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes additional fat deposits in specific areas of the body. It is a simple and slightly invasive procedure that eliminates the fat cells that are resistant to exercise and diet.  

Remember: Liposuction is not a weight-loss treatment or an ancillary for a balanced diet and exercise. This is the surgical process that removes fat cells resistant to diet and exercise.  

Final Words:

Ready to stop wearing long pants all year long? Contact Dr. Sean Yuan to learn more about the best options for you or schedule your personalized consultation!

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