Is Laser Liposuction For You? Know Everything Before You Decide To Undergo!

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Have you followed your diet, exercised, and still see belly fat, a double chin, or excess fat on your hips & thighs?

Have you heard about laser liposution treatment before?

Laser liposuction or laser lipo is an innovative and less-invasive way to remove excess fat from targeted areas of the body. The procedure helps tighten skin and leave skin smooth after laser lipo without the bumps and skin distortions commonly seen after old-time lipo.

Here is everything you need to know about the laser lipo procedure provided by Dr. Sean Yuan.

What Is Laser Liposuction Treatment?

Laser liposuction treatment is a less-invasive fat removal procedure. The area of the desired removal is pre-treated with a laser fiber below the skin to melt away excess fat. It is a cosmetic fat removal technique involving using a suction cannula, a tiny tube that gets placed inside a surgical incision for fat removal.

But you need to choose one of the best surgeons, like Dr. Sean Yuan, for lipo laser treatment to get outstanding results.

We use Smartlipo Triplex, which is designed to perform laser lipo. It helps to break up the fat and reduces the actual force required to eliminate it. In less time, you can easily reduce your fat with lipo treatment, according to Dr. Sean Yuan.  

How Is Laser Liposuction Procedure Different?

Nowadays, the market is bombarded with lots of laser-based treatments that claim to give you a slim-fit body. So, it can be difficult to choose or know the difference.

Do you think they all are safe for you?

If you find the best way to remove excess body fat, go for lipo laser treatment. It is different from the rest, and it is a minor surgical procedure that uses a thin fiber-optic laser below the skin.

Is Anesthesia Required For Laser Lipo?

Because laser liposuction is a less-invasive procedure, some form of anesthesia is necessary so you won’t feel pain. And there are a few options available when it comes to choosing the type of anesthesia. Local anesthesia is an ideal choice if you take laser lipo for the lower abdomen, back, knees, or chin. On the other hand, if you want to get multiple areas of your body treated simultaneously, general anesthesia is required.

Our Results After Laser Lipo Actually Permanent?

Thanks to the suction method that physically extracts the fat and the procedure is categorized as a permanent fat reduction treatment. But even with this fact, it is essential to maintain a healthy and well-portioned diet and life routine to ensure you have long-lasting results.

The laser lipo lasts forever, but the treatment does not stop you from gaining weight in the future. So, in order to maintain long-lasting results, it is important to incorporate a healthy diet and workout routine. 

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Laser Liposuction?

Just like things, laser liposuction is not a standardized procedure that suits everyone. Deciding whether someone is a perfect candidate generally requires an evaluation by an experienced, qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Sean Yuan.  

Both men and women are equally good candidates for laser liposuction treatment. Most men target the chest, abdomen, and chin, while most women target the lower back, inner thighs, and knees.  

Here are some specific health conditions that may disqualify a candidate;

  • Heart disease
  • Lung disease
  • Pregnancy

Wrap Up:

Looking for more information about laser lipo near me?

Look no further and schedule an appointment with Dr. Sean Yuan. For more information on laser lipo, please call us at 610-850-4470.

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