Reveal the best version of you with combined treatment of BBL surgery & abdominoplasty!

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Today, everyone is getting more and more figure-conscious. As a result, the demand for cosmetic surgery has increased multifarious. 

Are you also looking for a perfect way to reduce the size and shape of your tummy while emphasizing the size and shape of your butt?

Have you heard about abdominoplasty and a Brazilian butt lift process before?


Do you know these two procedures can be combined and done together? 

The good news is that it is possible now, and the great news is that Dr. Sean Yuan is here to help you with the combined procedure. 

Make people’s eyes turn towards you with a perfectly-shaped body!

About BBL Surgery

We all know that sometimes diet and exercise alone are not enough to achieve an ideal figure. And the same goes for your buttocks. If you feel embarrassed because of your shapeless buttocks, don’t worry; BBL surgery can benefit you. This amazing procedure provides two-in-one benefits by removing unwanted fat from other body areas and utilizing it to shape the buttocks.

About Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty is also known as a tummy tuck procedure. Due to its impressive and life-changing results, it is among the most popular procedures offered by Dr. Sean Yuan. The process will tighten up lax abdominal muscles and enhance the overall shape of the abdominal area.
Both procedures create impressive results individually but dramatic results when combined. BBL surgery with abdominoplasty helps you achieve a more curvaceous shape.

“Everything you need to know about performing the two procedures simultaneously!”

Apart from the fact that the two procedures can typically be safely done in the same session, there are some other benefits that you can experience. Let’s have a look:

The tummy needs less fat, while the buttocks need more:

A BBL surgery is done first by removing healthy fat from one or more donor sites across the body. This healthy fat is then purified and injected into the buttocks to produce a more attractive, shapely, and curvaceous derriere, all according to people’s own beauty ideals.
After the additional fatty tissue is removed, the loose skin that results will then be cut off as part of the tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty).
Thus, the two different procedures work quite together, with the tummy being a source of the fat that will already be needed to complete a BBL surgery.

Faster combined recovery periods:

When we consider one procedure simultaneously, each procedure requires its own recovery and convalescence period.
By combining the BBL and abdominoplasty, the recovery period is a bit more strenuous, but it is altogether bearable given pain medication and the right aftercare.

Combine treatment is an ideal option for a mommy makeover:

Mommy makeover is one event in which patients usually combine the two procedures. Nowadays, mothers are looking to return their bodies to their pre-pregnancy state. If you are also one of them, consider BBL surgery with abdominoplasty.
In general, a mommy makeover usually targets the abdomen and the breasts because these are the most affected areas during pregnancy. A flabby buttock is also a common concern among new mommies.
In order to solve this concern, Dr. Sean Yuan comes with a combined treatment known as BBL surgery with abdominoplasty that helps restore the body’s original pre-pregnancy shape.

BBL surgery with abdominoplasty: Is it safe?

“Yes!” The procedure is completely safe if you have a professional and knowledgeable surgeon like Dr. Sean Yuan.
Your safety will depend on some essential factors.

  • Patient health
  • Surgeon’s skill
  • precautions

Choosing the best surgeon for combination treatments:

Combining treatments like BBL surgery with abdominoplasty is an advanced surgical procedure that should only be done under the guidance of a highly experienced and certified plastic surgeon.
If you are interested in the combined benefits of BBL and abdominoplasty, contact Dr. Sean Yuan for a consultation.

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