Reversing The Age Clock with A Professional Cosmetic Surgeon!

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Are you worried about the signs of aging on your face?

If you don’t want to leave your youthful good looks behind and look for ways that help you look younger in no time, it is the right time to talk one of the best cosmetic surgeon  in Pottstown and consider mini facelift surgery. This surgery is usually done in the cheek, mid-face, and jawline. It is designed to lift away the wrinkles to have a younger look.   

By hiring a professional cosmetic surgeon, you can counteract the effects of time and restore the naturally vibrant look you remember from years ago or even address the early signs of aging before they take hold.   

What is Mini Facelift Surgery?

Mini facelift surgery is a cosmetic procedure that helps lift and pull back the skin of the cheek and jawline to make a face smoother and tighter. This procedure is designed to lift and firm sagging facial tissues to restore a more natural and young-looking facial appearance. The procedure comprises of fascia implication and redundant skin removal. It decreases the risk of facial nerve injury with still good long term result compare to the traditional facelift. As it is said that a facelift surgery works to “turn back the clock”. By eliminating excess, flabby skin and lifting & tightening the deep facial tissues, facelift surgery can help a patient look not just youthful but also attractive.   

Why Have Facelift Surgery?

As you age, your skin loses softness & elasticity, and facial tissues lose volume. In the end, this results in jowls on the lower face, deep wrinkles, and loose skin on the neck. While it is a natural part of our lives, patients who are worried about these aging signs may find facelift surgery a great solution at some point of life. 

If you observe the following signs, look no further and hire the best cosmetic surgeon in Pottstown for a facelift surgery.   

⮚     If you feel self-conscious about how your face & neck look because of sagging skin, it is the right time to consider facelift surgery as a long term resolution.

⮚     You feel that you have tried non-surgical procedures and did not achieve your goal.

⮚     When you feel that you want to have a beyond average improvement. 

Things that tell you are fit for facelift surgery or not:

⮚     If you are completely healthy and don’t have medical conditions that can interfere with wound healing or recovery from surgery, you can go for facelift surgery.

⮚     If you don’t smoke or misuse substances, you can go for facelift surgery.

⮚     If you have a realistic outlook of what the surgery entails, you can consider facelift surgery.

How does facelift surgery work?

During facelift surgery, our cosmetic surgeon in Pottstown repositions fat and tissue under the skin to:

⮚     Help smooth out wrinkles by tighten the fascia

⮚     Remove additional skin that is causing flabby or jowls.

⮚     Fat transfer to reduce nasolabial fold

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