Shed Extra Fat on Your Body and Stay in Shape with Tumescent Liposuction

Stay fit

Have you gained excessive fat on your body, and do you look inferior to others due to the deformed shape of your body? If so, you need not worry about it any longer. If you opt for a tumescent procedure, you can stay in good shape.

What is Tumescent Procedure, and How Does It Work for Your Body?

The tumescent procedure is the newer form of many liposuction techniques. It has changed the notion of cosmetic procedures. It eliminates stubborn fat from your body without any surgical treatments. In the world of cosmetic surgery, it is considered a unique blend of accuracy and safety. It has a double advantage for your body: first, it requires local anesthesia, and second, it requires only a few painless incisions. It works for your body in the following ways:

  • In a tumescent procedure, there is less bleeding which means less post-operative swelling and decreased recovery time, which is about 2-8 hours. 
  • It improves the body’s contour by eliminating fat layers accurately.
  • Since local anesthesia is used in this procedure, you remain awake during the procedure, which allows your cosmetic surgeon to feel your muscle tone alongside the fat to be removed from your body.  
  • Thin suction and smaller incisions are used during the procedure, which causes minimal scarring. 
  • The areas of your body that can be treated with this procedure include the abdomen, buttocks, arms, hips, inner and outer thighs, legs, knees, neck, and jowls. 

Are You Fit for Awake Liposuction? 

  • If you are tired of doing strenuous exercises in gyms and feel disappointed with those fat deposits and saddlebags, then you can consider yourself fit for a tumescent procedure. However, if you are doubtful about the positive results of this procedure, then you can see the photos before and after of those people who have opted for this procedure. 
  • Medical fitness is an important factor for those opting for this procedure. The best candidates for it are those who are active and healthy and have average weight and good skin tone. This does not mean that overweight people cannot opt for this. They too can, provided; they do exercises to lose weight.    
  • Whatever be your case, you should have realistic expectations from this procedure. The best approach for you is to discuss every factor with your cosmetic surgeon so that you can clearly understand the before and after differences in your body and personality. 
  • So, you can easily get rid of stubborn fat deposits and have a desirable body shape by drawing benefits from the tumescent procedure. With this amazing cosmetic procedure, you can get your problem areas contoured and notice substantial before and after differences in your physical appearance and in your overall look and personality.

Sean Yuan, MD, Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgery, a board-certified surgeon, performs various types of cosmetic surgeries— liposuction, facial cosmetic, and Brazilian buttock lift. He is committed to helping patients enhance or achieve their body contour, self-image, and self-esteem. He has over two decades of experience in cosmetic and bariatric surgery. He has a mission to treat his patients with the best possible results.

Briefly Put!

If you are obese, do not feel inferior to others. Instead, opt for a tumescent procedure. It is a newer and safer form of liposuction technique and causes less bleeding and pain in your body, so you feel easy when undergoing it.

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