Things You Should Know About Smartlipo

Things You Should Know About Smartlipo

Smartlipo is the brand name of one of the laser lipo devices. There have been many recent technological advancements and improvements when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Liposuction, the procedure of removing fat cells from your body, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the entire world.

What Is Smartlipo?

Smartlipo is the brand name of one of the laser liposuction devices. The liposuction procedure has evolved to a more modern generation. The newest Smartlipo is Triplex Workstation. It is a laser lipolysis device with internal temperature control that can safely and effectively deliver the treatment that patients want. 

Some other people use Smart Lipo to describe other similar techniques or the treatment of PAL liposuction with other tissue contraction devices.

Anesthesia for the Procedure

Like another liposuction procedure can be done under tumescent techniques.  This procedure is done while you are awake or in twilight with little discomfort.

Before this procedure, we will conduct a pre-operative evaluation where we’ll check whether or not you are in a healthy state for the procedure.

Candidate for Smartlipo

The best Smartlipo candidates are those who has relatively small amount extra fat needed to be removed and who does not want to have fat transfer during the procedure.  After the Smartlipo to contract the skin, regular liposuction device will be used to remove the melted fat.

Uses Laser Heat

Laser liposuction uses laser heat to soften and liquefy the fat, which makes it easier to eliminate the fat from your body via the cannula. This is different from traditional liposuction, which uses physical manipulation to eliminate the fat from your body.

Using laser heat also has the added benefit of tightening the skin, which traditional liposuction does not do. Without this feature, dimpling or sagging of the skin may occur after the procedure.

Less Bruise But Similar Recovery

With Smartlipo liposuction, you may have decreased bruising and healing might last anywhere from six to eight weeks. You may be prescribed medication to help with the pain and reduce the risk of infection. Resuming normal activities, including exercise, will typically take a few weeks. You will have to wear compression garments for one or two weeks up to 3 months, and swelling and bruising will only last for a week.

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